• 2 Effikace armpit stains remover 377 ml
Product advantages of Effikace armpit sweat stains remover :

- first product of its kind in North America
- removes the yellow underarms sweat stains halo caused by antiperspirants, and this, in less than 5 minutes
- requires no scrubbing to remove yellow sweat stains circles under the armpits of the clothes
- fully biodegradable and phosphates free, ecological, economical, and septic tanks safe
- most easy procedure: apply wet on stains, let react with no scrubbing, and put with laundry washing
- 377ml bottle will clean about 25 to 30 garments depending on severity of the stains
- effective to remove other sweet stains and other types of stains like wine, tomatoes, blood, grease...etc.
- saving a lot of clothes otherwise will go all to the trashes.
Directions: Wear gloves for protection.First wet with water the yellow halo perspiration stains from the garment and subsequently
cover the entire area of the sweat stains to be treated with the armpit stain remover. Pay attention to soak
completely the seams.
Let reacting for 5 to 20 minutes with no scrubbing and proceed with regular laundry washing.
Effikace sweat halo stains remover can be applied on any sweat stains aureoles of all white and permanents colors
of clothes. Do not let dry the product on clothes. Proceed to wash after treatment.
CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Avoid contact with eyes and the skin or rinse immediately with plenty of water. It is best to wear gloves and handle
the clothes in an empty basin or on a resistant surfaces. Rinse well the basin, surfaces, and gloves to remove any
residues of the Yello armpit stain remover. Any surfaces used for the treatment
should be well protected and rinsed to avoid discoloration by Effikace armpit stains remover.

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2 Effikace armpit stains remover 377 ml

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